Tuition, Fees and Financial Support

For updated MSPO Tuition and Fees, go here:

Guide for Financial Aid for O&P Education


The MSPO program will continue to pursue funding opportunities for student scholarships to be available in the future.

Research Project Seed Support

The coordinator of Research will work with MSPO students to advise each student regarding funding opportunities to cover costs associated with conducting theirĀ research project.


  • Additional costs may be associated with the following:
    1. Orientation Fee ($200)

      A mandatory, one time fee that covers the costs for orientation occurring Monday-Friday during the week prior to the start of the Fall semester (incoming students only). The orientation fee covers the following:

      • Bloodborne pathogens safety training (annual)
      • Fire safety and chemical safety training (annual)
      • Laboratory coat
      • Adult, Infant and Child CPR and First Aid training (annual, more information)
    2. Health Immunization Screening/Post Exposure (nominal fees)

      In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, students involved in clinical patient interaction are required to have the following immunizations and to provide documentation to the Georgia Tech Student Health Center. There may be nominal costs to the student associated with obtaining the following immunizations:

      • Hepatitis B
      • Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Rubeola
      • Tetanus
      • Tuberculosis Screening
    3. Other Safety Coverage
      • Accident and Safety Insurance (responsibility of student)
      • Health and Medical Insurance (responsibility of student)
      • Student Professional Liability Insurance (provided by MSPO)
    4. Special Clothing
      • Surgical scrubs (optional)
    5. Fabrication Laboratory and Clinical Tools

      Tools to be used in the fabrication laboratory are provided. However, students may be charged to replace missing tools.

    6. Transportation

      Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to attend off-campus clinical rotations at Atlanta area medical centers, hospitals, and prosthetics/orthotics facilities and for other off campus events directly related to the Georgia Tech MSPO Program.