September 2013

Congratulations to Darren Bolger (MSPO class of 2013) and Kier Book (MSPO class of 2013) for their winning research posters at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association World Congress in Orlando, Florida, September 18-21. Darren received the Edwin and Kathryn Arborgast award for best research poster in the discipline of Prosthetics. Kier received the Otto and Lucille Becker award for best research poster in the discipline of Orthotics. In addition, Georgia Tech was honored with the Excellence in Education Award as the school representing both award winners.

Darren Bolger (left) and Kier Book (right) stand with Tom Kirk, president of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association to receive their awards.

MSPO faculty, Dr. Geza Kogler was cited in an article in which he discussed his research that combines imaging and pressure measurement tools to produce unique data on tissue behavior and stiffness characteristics of the foot. Click here to read the article.

MSPO co-director Christopher Hovorka presented the findings of two studies from his ongoing dissertation research at the American Society of Biomechanics annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. His presentations were:
Hovorka C, Sung J, Eckert K, Gregor R, Chang Y-H. Muscle activation changes in response to orthotic ankle constraint during walking
Oludare S, Hovorka C, Yan T, Kogler G, Chang Y-H. Biomimetic rocker profile restores lower limb progression during walking with orthotic ankle constraint