September 2012

Georgia Tech and the MSPO program were well represented at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association’s Annual Assembly held in Boston, Massachusetts from September 6-9:
Marina Musicus (MSPO 2012) provided the following poster presentation of her research that was mentored by Christopher Hovorka:
Characterizing Changes in Plantarflexor Activity in Response to Orthotic Ankle Constraint.
In addition, Marina was presented the Lucille Becker Award for the Best Student Research Poster in the Discipline of Orthotics. The award provides a $500 cash honorarium in addition to an all expense paid trip to Boston to present her research at the Annual Assembly.

Geza Kogler served as coordinator and delivered the following podium presentations in the Pedorthic Education Session:

  • Biomechanics in Pedorthic Care Pressure Redistribution in the Forefoot with Metatarsal Supports and Reliefs
  • Biomechanics and Clinical Principles The Use of Ultrasound to Assess Plantar Tissue Behavior and Stiffness Properties in the Midfoot.

Christopher Hovorka delivered the following podium presentations:

  • Movement Patterns during Walking are Influenced by Design Features of a Rocker Profile Sole
  • Neuromuscular Activity Increases with Orthotic Constraint of Motion – Emerging Evidence.

Congratulations to Geza Kogler for his recent award of a multi-year research grant from the National Science Foundation that will fund development and assessment of an externally powered lower limb orthosis system that will enhance sit-to-stand capabilities for persons with impaired lower limb function.