October 2008

Leigh Pipkin (class of 2007) recently published the work of her capstone research that she conducted while a student in the MSPO program. The investigation was conducted in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Sprigle, PhD, PT who serves as faculty in the School of Applied Physiology. The article, entitled, “Effect of model design, cushion construction, and interface pressure mats on interface pressure and immersion” is published in the November 2008 issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.

DeAnna Clough (class of 2006) recently announced that she will be joining the staff of both Gainesville Prosthetics and oandp.com in November 2008. An article reflecting DeAnna’s new positions appeared in the O&P Business News in the November 1, 2008 issue.

Faculty member, Robert Kistenberg, MPH, CP, LP, FAAOP was quoted in the October 15, 2008 Edition of the O&P Business News. In the article, entitled, “Limb Banks: Spreading Hope”, Kistenberg commented on his role in formulating efforts to provide prostheses and orthoses to persons in developing nations.