July 2010

P&O Workshop for High School Students- faculty Robert Kistenberg, staff, Robert MacDonald and MSPO class of 2011 student Sarah Stilley hosted high school students from around the country as part of a workshop on careers in the Prosthetics and Orthotics profession in conjunction with the National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine.

MSPO faculty awarded research grant – Christopher Hovorka, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP was awarded a research grant from the Center for Orthotic and Prosthetic Learning and Outcomes Evidence/Based Practice, for the research entitled, “Exploiting Lower Limb Orthotic Constraint of Movement as a Strategy for Neuromuscular Recalibration”.  Co-investigators on the research grant are: Young Hui Chang, PhD and Geza Kogler, PhD, CO (Georgia Tech School of Applied Physiology) and Vijaya Krishnamoorthy, PhD, PT (Emory University School of Medicine).