February 2014

Georgia Tech and the MSPO program were well represented at the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, February 20-23: All members of the current 1st and 2nd year classes attended the meeting.

In addition, alumni and faculty of the program gave the following presentations:

Shane Wurdeman (MSPO 2006)

  • Stride-to-Stride Fluctuations Are Related Before and After Adaptation for an Appropriate Prosthesis
  • Changes in Gait Using the Rush Foot: A Preliminary Study
  • Activity Measures Fail to Discriminate K-2/K-3 Feet

Lee Childers(MSPO 2007, PhD 2011)

  • Validity and Accuracy of the Dartfish Express iPad Application for Gait Analysis
  • Marker Based Method to Measure Movement between Residual Limb and a Transtibial Prosthetic Socket

Geza Kogler(Faculty)

  • Optimal Placement and Angulation of the Dorsal Foot Control Strap for Lower Limb Orthoses

Kinsey Herrin (MSPO 2010)

  • Temporal-Spatial Parameters, Energy Expenditure, and Perceived Comfort of Transfemoral Amputees: Ischial Containment vs. Atmospheric Pressure Stabilization Sockets