February 2003

Construction Started – Ground has finally been broken on the Clinical and Fabrication laboratories, with a scheduled completion date in April. An Instron materials testing system was recently placed such that  the P&O materials research lab will be incorporated within the clinical labs.

CAD/CAM Concepts – Georgia Tech’s MSPO students have the unique opportunity to learn CAD/CAM techniques in parallel with their learning of traditional P&O fabrication techniques. On one occasion, students got a little carried away and might have used the new OWW/Tracer Omega system in a manner for which it was not intended!

GSOP – Dr. Mark Geil and Christopher Hovorka were both featured speakers at the Georgia Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists Annual Meeting and Seminar, Feb. 6-8. Dr. Geil presented an update on pedabarographic analysis of amputee responses to alignment changes, and Mr. Hovorka gave insight into current trends in higher education in O&P.

Road Trip – MSPO students and faculty pack their bags for a trip to Mt. Sterling, Ohio for formal instructional courses and facility tours at Ohio Willow Wood.